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Donating Inventory for our Cancer Survivor Causes:

We are a Tax Deductible IRS 501(c3) Non-profit charity organization that will allow you to write off your donation and shipping charges.

If you are closing your business or have excess, closeouts, old style, returns, etc. inventory you would like to donate, we will gladly give you a receipt for an IRS tax deduction. We also accept with approval most types of inventory we can sell to offset our charity expenses.  


If you need a receipt, print this form and list the items you are donating and enclose it with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  You can also send a list of your items printed or in a text or Excel file.

donation form for Donate Bra for a cause

Ship your donated items to us. click here for shipping information. Remember, shipping charges are also deductable.

donation of bras to Bras for a Cause 

We do not sell or giveaway your name, etc. or any information regarding your donation.

If you need assistance, email us with your contact information, etc.